About Us


Three of us (Alam Mohammad, Javaid Shaikh and Mrs. Saimeen Siddique) like many others around the world were touched by Muhammad Shaikh’s insight on the Quranic Ayaats delivered in the form of a topic. During the course of being educated by listening to these lectures and having the opportunity on different occasions to consult him on personal problems in light of the Quranic Ayaats further motivated us to the formation and incorporation of IIPC Canada in 2014.

Not only did we understood the duty upon us to propagate the true essence of the Quranic Ayaats already preserved by Muhammad Shaikh in shape of videos recorded over a period of time since he has been delivering the message, it also made us realize that we have an obligation and responsibility to promote peace and help those in need of food and shelter.

Henceforth, IIPC Canada aims at not only propagating the true essence of the Quranic Ayaats but also help mankind in general to attain peace. We will also create awareness of comparative religion through other well-known speakers. IIPC Canada wishes to place itself in a manner where it can make a difference for those in need.

In order to be able to achieve these goals IIPC Canada felt the importance to reach out to all the individuals around the globe who on their own effort had been using the Internet to propagate the same very truth but in an un-organized and an un-registered form. IIPC Canada felt the need for this to be too important to be done in an individual capacity across the globe. We now provide all these individuals to come together with their work and allow IIPC Canada to manage and operate all such Internet tools that were created with the right intentions but not supervised.

We are happy that all these individuals around the globe who stood on a common ground agreed to hand over their ownership of YouTube channels and social media websites, blogs etc. to the care of IIPC Canada with the aim for these various medias to be uniformed and with crystal clear directives and objectives.

Apart from these immediate goals IIPC Canada plans to establish a premises in order to provide people a place to come for personal consultation, confession, prayers, community get-together and other related activities that will help promote not only the truth from The Book of Allah but also help to live in peace and tranquility with each other.